How to get an invite for Dribbble with  100% guarantee photo

How to get an invite for Dribbble with 100% guarantee

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9 June 2015

Hey everyone, lately I have often been asked for an invite on Dribbble, so I’d like to tell you how to get an invite with almost 100% guarantee.

Just want to note that this article is for the designers only with a good portfolio, and for those designers with poor works this article will be of no use.

For the beginning for those who are not aware I’d like to tell what the Dribbble is and why everyone needs to get an invite on it.

Dribbble is a global social network for designers. Its working principle is very similar to Twitter, but instead of text messages up to 140 characters, users upload pictures of 400 * 300 pixels. Like Twitter, Dribbble has become very popular among the designers in a short period of time. The whole situation is heating up because the only way you can get there is by an invitation and there are not so many invitations as we would like.

To get on the Dribbble you need to get an invite from a person who is already registered on the web site. On the average one person has 2 invites. A designer gets the invites when he buys a pro account for 1 year that is why the amount of invites is limited.

In order to get the desired invite you need to follow 4 simple steps:

1.Sign up on the site
2.Find a suitable shot
3.Follow the stated conditions
4.White a confirmation letter

1.Sign up on the site

In order to get an invite you need to be registered on the site as a “prospect” which means you now have an opportunity to like works but yet not allowed to upload works.

I recommend to fill all information about yourself while signing up as no one likes communicating with faceless bots and moreover help them.

2.Find a suitable shot

Shot is a work you place on the site.

Then you need to find a suitable shot, for this you need to enter “Dribbble Invite Giveaway” in search

And change the tab from “popular” to “latest”. On this page you can see the latest works of all designers that give invites.

I recommend to response on a plenty of works in order not to wait until somebody gives an invite.

3.Follow the stated conditions

Before giving an invite designers usually ask to complete different conditions.

4.White a confirmation letter

After you complete all the conditions I recommend to write a confirmation letter to the designer so that the work didn’t turn out to be ineffective.

Additional recommendations

It is thought as a matter of good etiquette to make a thanking shot for a designer that will give you an invite. The first shot must be awesome anyway, and if the other users like it, it will give you an opportunity of a quick start on this site.

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Rajinder Singh
19.9.2017 at 7:53
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Jayden White
23.11.2016 at 5:34
Are you looking for Dribbble Invite, Let me tell you some quick and easy tips to get a dribble invite. Dribbble Invite help prospects to showcase their talent.Submit your best shot and get invited.
Kaukas Batas
28.8.2016 at 20:34
Thanks for the tips, not often I say thank you without posting any link :D
19.3.2016 at 22:55
Thank you so much for this article. I am looking for dribbble invite and I follow your steps. I hope I will get one soon. I love designing everyday and I believe dribbble will take me to next level. Again thank you for the info.