Dr+ - Your Personal EHR Patient Card

  • 🗣 We started by talking to patients, doctors, and nurses. The stories were consistent: misplaced records, delayed diagnoses, and a general sense of information siloed in paper purgatory.

The problem was bigger than we imagined.

  • 🔺 A 2023 study by AMA found that 42% of patients have experienced delays in treatment due to difficulty accessing their medical records.

We knew we had to bridge the gap.

  • 💻 Sketches turned into prototypes, late nights fueled by coffee and a shared goal. We envisioned a platform that served as a central hub - Dr+, your personal health data sanctuary.

This resulted into a user-friendly interface that stores medical history, tracks progress, and facilitates communication with healthcare providers.

  • Desktop
  • EHR
  • Product
  • UX/UI Design
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