EHR.+ - Advanced Brain Analysis in Healthcare

📊 Studies show that up to 30% of diagnoses can be delayed due to challenges in interpreting intricate brain imaging patterns.

  • That’s why we designed EHR.+ platform, which empowers neurologists like Dr. Gupta by:

🔹 automating data analysis: advanced algorithms identify and highlight key features in brain scans, saving valuable time spent on manual analysis.

🔹 facilitating collaboration: a centralized platform allows specialists to share findings seamlessly, fostering better informed treatment plans.

🔹 enhancing workflow: integration with EHR streamlines access to patient data, promoting faster diagnoses and improved care coordination.

  • The result?

🙌 Dr. Gupta and countless other neurologists are experiencing increased workflow efficiency, improved collaboration, and enhanced patient care.

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  • EHR
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  • UX/UI Design
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