Our design team meticulously conceptualized the logo and crafted the entire application for this product


This product has been created for consumers who enjoy touring or high speed riding, delivering a convenient technology experience

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    AR helmet

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    San Francisco, California, US

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Key Task

We were given the task of developing a mobile application and implementing a comprehensive branding strategy for an augmented reality FF1 smart helmet.

I am thrilled to introduce our achievement: RideMate. Our design team meticulously conceptualized the logo and crafted the entire application for this product.

RideMate - VehiclesRideMate - VehiclesRideMate - VehiclesRideMate - Vehicles


This innovative app complements the FF1 AR smart helmet, prioritizing rider safety and convenience while fostering a sense of community.

Connect with the FF1 rider community through the app, share riding experiences, and access support resources and FAQs for any helmet-related queries or concerns.

RideMate - VehiclesRideMate - Vehicles


We have additionally created a dedicated product website, providing you with an opportunity to familiarize yourself with the full range of features and easily download the application.

The design direction sets the foundation for an approachable, natural and new classic brand tapping into a simple and functional aesthetic that caters to the lifestyle of young global citizens.

RideMate - VehiclesRideMate - VehiclesRideMate - Vehicles


We are creating the product’s branding through market research, defining a unique strategy, designing the logo and product aesthetics.

We embarked on a comprehensive branding journey by conducting thorough market research. All with the primary objective of effectively engaging our target demographic.

RideMate - VehiclesRideMate - Vehicles


We have evolved from an analysis of competitors to attaining the tangible final result you currently observe.

The project boasts a distinctive and compelling brand image that perfectly aligns with its goals and requirements. Moreover, the team has put in exceptional effort, resulting in a highly intuitive user interface. The final product was a remarkable success.

Thanks for watching. Rondesignlab team.

RideMate - Vehicles

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