Pilot Sprint

We know you have innovative ideas. Let’s spread it with the entire world. How? Just reach us, and we will help you embody the ambitious dream project. Quickly. Effectively. Joyfully. Consider initiating a pilot collaboration with us.

  • For Enterprise

    Ideal for leaders overseeing new departments to enhance existing teams.

    • Product-Market Fit
    • Test the Hypothesis
    • UX Architecture
    • Project Road Map
    • Agile Design Process
    • Client-Focused Upgrades
    • Enterprise-scale Interface
    • User Journey Optimization
    • Flexible Team
  • For Startups

    This service helps your tech department boost conversions and attract investments.

    • Product Refinement
    • User Trust Building
    • Belief Instigation
    • Fixed Team
  • For You

    Your idea or concept = our solution.

    • Formulating Business Goals
    • Concept & Moodboard
    • Optimizing the Prototype
    • Fixed Team
  • The price and duration of the pilot are determined based on your choice and request.

  • Consulting

    Leverage our expertise to implement your project.

    • Risk Analysis
    • Strategic Planning
    • Project Road Map

For Enterprise

Goodroot Application

You need a strength team for embodiment of your project. We have it. Deadline is a deadline. We honor deadlines.

Our team created an adaptable system, customizable to any brand, with a user-friendly design. We optimized performance through refined application architecture.

Goodroot Clutch Review

Goodroot Clutch Review

Rondesignlabs employs top-level designers from around the world. I was very impressed with their concepts.

They were also accommodating in meeting out tight timeline, payment schedule needs and high standard for design. The project was broken into 6 weeks.

<span>Ben Callaghan, </span> VP,
		<br /> Launch at Goodroot

Ben Callaghan, VP,
Launch at Goodroot

However, that’s not all…

Rondesignlab divided the project into six weeks of sprints that focused on different sets of screens for the health app. They conducted meetings twice a week and delivered tasks on time. The team's innovative concepts and high design standards highly impressed the client.

The project was broken into 6 weeks of sprints, each focusing on a different set of screens for the app. The primary goal was to design a breakthrough app in the self-funded health benefits space. Speed of completion and top quality design were the primary drivers of success.

For Startups

Broker Application

During the project's development, the interface became overly complex, requiring extensiveuser training.

Our solution streamlined key flows into intuitive navigation, simplifying access to main functions and reducing the need for support and training.

Broker Clutch Review

Broker Clutch Review

They really understood what we needed and it reflected in their work.

What stood out the most was their eagerness to present solutions that were helpful to the client. Their speed and design skills were also key to success.

<span>Vivek Jagtap, </span> Head of
		<br /> Product, Broker Network

Vivek Jagtap, Head of
Product, Broker Network

But wait…

Thank you for your contribution to making the 2.0 app for Broker Network. Because of your support & excellence in design, we as an app company have managed to raise 50 million for BrokerNetwork App.

It wouldn't have been possible without your & team's efforts. What distinguishes the design in the app is - simplicity & clarity reflecting the app obout our business which helped us raise the vast capital. Also, to add to the design comment - even after being a new concept for app, we need not educate & design help them to thain without any human support.

Thank you from BrokerNetwork team.

For You

Mortice Desktop

Mortice is your go-to system for keeping data secure and boosting team collaboration among engineers. When our client shared their initial idea and basic wireframes, they looked to us for a unified design approach. 

Our job? We crafted a seamless UI/UX for desktop and mobile apps, focusing on easy access and user-friendliness.

Mortice Clutch Review

Mortice Clutch Review

They helped us to really understand how the flow through the application would work and what theusers needed to achieve at each point.

Using other tools like Figma and Miro made it really easy for us to keep updated on designs...

<span>Dean H., </span> CEO,
		<br /> Data Privacy Platform

Dean H., CEO,
Data Privacy Platform

But wait…

The workflow was excellent, and there was a high level of communication and collaboration. We used Slack for instant communication and Zoom for our progress calls.

Their portfolio of work was far superior to anything else we saw from other companies and they had a really collaborative way of working that made it really quick to work through questions. Overall we were really happy with how the project was run.

Individual Consulting

Drippi Desktop

Drippi caters to creative minds with a specialized financial platform. It helps you track income, manage taxes easily, and visualize cash flow. 

Our team studied how users interact with it and designed a user-friendly web interface. We focused on presenting data, creating tables, simplifying taxes, and ensuring a smooth user experience.

Drippi Clutch Review

Drippi Clutch Review

We were really happy with the responses to our notes and how they took them on board for the final iteration.

Upon kicking off the project with them, we were then able to gel really well with them. And of course, we were impressed with the final output!

<span>Nick Cooke, </span>
		<br /> Co-Founder, Drippi

Nick Cooke,
Co-Founder, Drippi

However, that’s not all…

We really liked primarily their vibe and portfolio - matched exactly what we were looking for when we were researching.

They were very open, transparent and honest about progress and any time crunch issues we faced. The team were very friendly and quick to respond. We were really happy with the responses to our notes and how they took them on board for the final iteration.

Pilot Period

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